Jeffrey Maitland Testimonial

For a number of years I was the Rolfer for the Phoenix Suns. I coordinated my efforts with the medical staff and worked with such luminaries as Charles Barkley, AC Green, Danny Ainge, Danny Manning, Kevin Johnson, to name a few.

Typically, I was able to resolve many of their injuries in a matter of one or two sessions. Beyond its proven power to rehabilitate and resolve injuries over the course of grueling NBA season, Rolfing is also capable of enhancing how the body functions at many levels. As a result, players were often surprised to discover that they were better able to realize their potential.


I was Russell Stolzoff’s first Rolfing teacher. Over the twenty some years I have known him, I have watched him grow into a fine person and Rolfer. He is also a teacher for the Rolf Institute. Attaining such position is a testimony to his great skills because only the best are chosen. Russell embodies the true spirit of a dedicated Rolfer and manual practitioner and I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Jeffrey Maitland, Ph.D.

Certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolfing Instructor

Diplomate American Academy of Pain Management