Frank Omiyale Testimonial

"As a veteran NFL lineman, I've come to understand the value of being proactive about my body, and I'm constantly telling the younger guys that they need to start investing in their body before they feel like they need it. So I'm always looking for new ways to help extend my career and get my body back to being ready for the next game. Rolfing Structural Integration gives me that edge and working with Russell Stolzoff has exceeded my expectations.

My alignment and balance have never been better.  His work not only speeds my recovery after getting banged up, it helps prevent those nagging injuries from developing into something that would sideline me.  After a couple of sessions Russell could just examine me and go straight to an area where I was having trouble.   Getting regular massages is great, but you owe it yourself to explore what Russell’s approach has to offer.  It can help you get to the next level.”