Endorsement from Helen James

To be a great Rolfer, one must be a master at analyzing the body in motion and knowing how to skillfully bring out its potential. Russell Stolzoff is truly a master Rolfer and has the experience and inner wisdom to work with high performance athletes. His work can take an athlete to the next level of performance.

To Whom It Might Concern:                                                                                          1-10-2011


I am writing this letter to endorse my long time friend and colleague Russell Stolzoff. Russell has had a lifetime background in a sports oriented family. He was a high school and college -level athlete who subsequently found the restorative benefits of Rolfing. The Rolfing process was a profound experience for him and ultimately led him into the Rolfing profession. He has  practiced this art for 21 years, has been on the faculty for the past ten(10) years and has served as Chair of the Rolf Institute board. He is currently serving in the Executive Education Committee.

I also played high school and college ball, earned a BS was in Physical Education, then on to the University of Penna, and Stanford University for my Physical Therapy education. While teaching in the Physical Therapy Program at Fresno State University I discovered the Rolfing Process and found it to be transformative to me as a health professional. I completed the training and  then had the unique opportunity to meet and begin the Rolfing process with Brian Orser,(elite Canadian Figure Skater). Brian had recently won the Olympic silver metal in Men’s Figure skating for Canada but had yet to win the World gold metal. He gives much credit  for the competitive edge that the Rolfing process gave him in achieving the goal of World Champion following our work together. Since then I have worked with other members of the Canadian and US Figure skating teams—Elvis Stojko, Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler (pairs), and Michelle Kwan.

Elite athletes seek out alternative or complementary therapies such as Rolfing to maximize their performance, avoid injuries and prolong their careers. Some of the Athletes and artists at the National,World and Olympic levels that I have had the privilege to treat include: NFL Quarterback– Taekwondo Martial Artist —Water-skiing champion and movie stunt man—Top Ranked Woman Discus Thrower—Runners, Cyclist—Gymnast—BMX Bicycle Racer—Swimmer—Elite Dancer–Opera Singer—Musicians.


Professor Emeritus of Physical Therapy

California State University – Fresno

Advanced Rolfing® Practitioner