Local Rolfer aids Seahawks performance
Stolzoff, a 25-year Rolfing practitioner who established Stolzoff Sportworks in Bellingham in 2011, has been regularly working with Seattle's Golden Tate and Sidney Rice this season, helping them perform at peak levels through a body-recovery practice called Rolfing.

Interview with Russell Stolzoff on KGMI Radio
Crystal King interview with Russell Stolzoff about his work with the Seattle Seahawks.

James Harrison Spends Big on Body
Linebacker James Harrison, 35, says he spends thousands on a regimen that enables him to maintain a healthy body 11 seasons into his NFL career.

Rolfing® and the Vikings
This is a YouTube segment from Vikings Game Day that talks about how the NFL Minnesota Vikings use Rolfing® Structural Integration to keep their players ready for game day.

Why Fascia Matters to Athletes
You may be noticing the word “fascia” (aka connective tissue) is a hot topic right now in all body related fields.

How Rolfling Can Help Endurance Athletes
Endurance athletes are on a continuous quest to find balance in their training as well as with their bodies. Athletes push themselves to train hard, eat well and improve without injury and setbacks.

Understanding Your Fascia
Fascia may be the missing piece for your lingering injury

Professional Baseball Players use Rolfing®
Over the past 25 years many professional baseball players have used Rolfing® Structural Integration to help them recover from injuries and stay in the game.

The Nastiest Injury in Sports
Gronk was just the latest victim. Why are ACL tears on the rise?

Elite Athletes Offer Perspectives on Rolfing
Many professional and Olympic athletes. like Michelle Kwan have found that Rolfing enhances performance and reduces recovery time for sport related injuries.