Stolzoff Sportworks

We offer an Advanced Sports Rolfing™ System that combines hands-on soft tissue manipulation, movement analysis, and whole body alignment for professional athletes. Our work improves injury prevention (prehab) and recovery, optimizes physical and mental performance, and helps to sustain an athlete's career.

Advanced Sports Rolfing

A highly effective process of soft tissue manipulation that balances and realigns the body by releasing tension and strain in the fascial system. The goal of Rofling is build in support for the body from the ground up so that the structure is grounded through the legs.

Meet The Founder

Russell Stolzoff is the Founder and President of Stolzoff Sportworks. He is a highly respected Rolfer with over 25 years experience and has worked with hundreds of clients. He is on the faculty of the Rolf Institute, is past chair of the Rolf Institute Board, and a motivated teacher and student of the art of Rolfing. Russell’s mission is to help professional athletes stay in the game and maximize their potential.